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 In 2007, SaraLiz's life took a drastic turn when it became clear that her marriage was ending. For the first time in her adult life, she would soon have to depend solely on herself. Though she had great work experience, she only had a high school education. She had married early at only 21 years of age and realized she had always chosen to please others opposed to following her own dreams. Born Sara-elizabeth Phillips, as the youngest in a family of ten and accustomed to trying to live the perfect life by “going with the flow,” she had never seized the opportunity to live her personal best life. SaraLiz realized the end of her marriage provided a divine opportunity to shift.

When she was a child, SaraLiz had always been an intellectually gifted student. She had even been chosen to attend a school for the gifted. SaraLiz needed only to devise a plan to survive. She knew if she tapped into her genius and make some new choices, she could provide herself with the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed. SaraLiz embarked on a journey of change. She took a moment to self-reflect, sought mental healing, and then chose the company where she wanted to work. To move forward, she went back to school and created her own career plan with the expectation to help others as she launched her career. 

A new journey of self-discovery revealed challenges from denying her truth and making choices to please others. As she shifted to a desire to support others, she began to affirm a positive transformation for her own life as well. SaraLiz began as an operations assistant at one of the world leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry. She was promoted within two years to a salaried analyst position, and then upon finishing her Bachelor's degree promoted to manager. Next, she obtained a leadership role on the diversity and inclusion executive board of that same company. 

To optimize service utilizing her vast experience, in 2012, SaraLiz founded FutureSmylez, LLC, a marketing consulting firm initially formed to provide philanthropy support to small- and medium-sized non-profit organizations and businesses. She held leadership roles with the Lupus Foundation of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS), and Bigs United (affinity group of BBBS NYC). Recognized as a 2015 BBBS Big Champion mentor, a distinct honor given to three of 3,000 mentors, she led as the corporate liaison for the Workplace Mentor Program with BBBS NYC and her former employer, as well as implemented programs to create awareness around diseases, lupus and sickle cell, that primarily impact African-Americans. 

Today, SaraLiz maintains strong partnerships with organizations like, Someone’s Daughter, The Lupus Foundation of America, BBBS NYC, City Meals-on-Wheels, Young Professionals United for Change, Young Professionals for CARE,  Berkeley CARES, and New Jersey Cares. She thrives on community awareness and believes, “to get great service; one must first give great service.” 

She now holds an Associates Degree in Accounting and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.  To further live her purpose, with the intention of making a career change to Psychology, she obtained Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology specializing in Organizational Diversity and Social Change. She joined the Association of Black Psychologists in 2013 as a student to expand her knowledge, receiving training in the mental liberation of Afrikan/Black people and support in healing families and communities based on cultural values and principles. Now as a professional member, she shifted to directly supporting healing in the Black community.

Early in her journey, SaraLiz was inspired by Iyanla Vanzant’s, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.  She has been career coaching for years, and even formed Inner Horizons Life Consultants to make a more personal impact on her community. Identifying the need to make self-honoring choices to foster her desire to serve others, she then decided to apply for the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development’s Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program. It provided an opportunity for her to be her first client, ascertain levels of healing and practice the business of coaching as well. 

SaraLiz delved into her Spiritual Life Coaching training with a vision for success. She committed to co-creating a valiant world where she would be rooted in and guided by her inner strength, while making self-honoring choices, cultivating joy, and allowing her light to shine by being authentic, powerful, and bold. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, SaraLiz can now support clients in exploring and expanding their life's journey by creating a new standard of excellence through utilization of Universal Laws and Principles providing one-on-one coaching, workshops, and group facilitation. 

Since she began this journey, SaraLiz has more than tripled her salary, expanded her purpose and elevated her spirit. She has obtained three degrees and is currently in pursuit of a PhD in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology focused in Evidence-based Coaching. Moreover, the native New Jersey resident SaraLiz has served the NJ/NYC Tri-state area as a progressive dynamic force driven to enrich the lives of others in many capacities. Lupus Advocate, Someone’s Daughter and BBBS NYC mentor turned certified Spiritual Life Coach, Sara-elizabeth Phillips epitomizes the spirit of selfless service and community commitment.

IHLC Founder, SaraLiz
IHLC Founder, SaraLiz